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Peddlin’ Probs

I just got my bike fixed up. No joke, we used to have a little seat on my bicycle that I would ride in while my dad would peddle the bike… when I was an infant. This bike is over twenty years old, and all the parts are original. Turns out that the rusty chain had fallen apart so much that the rust had clogged the gear-changy-thing… yeah, guess who’s not a mechanical engineer… So I got it fixed up and it is so nice! Turns out my bike has more than two gears.

And it’s really nice having working breaks on both wheels.

And my chain doesn’t squeal whenever the wheels are moving! It was actually really nice though! I would just bike right through intersections because all the cars would come to a stop because they would mistake the squealing of my rusty chain with an emergency vehicle’s sirens. I got right away every time, man.

I got my extrication (Cutting out people who are trapped in cars after wrecks) certification today! We got to practice all morning at the junkyard on cars, and it was really neat. Oddly enough, it’s pretty simple. All the hand tools are actually tools my dad has in the garage, and the hydraulic Jaws of Life and whatnot are just really big, quick, ridiculously heavy, and more efficient versions of those tools. 

But man, a whole new world of respect for firemen. I was issued my turnout gear (the thick, fireproof protection boots, pants, coat, and helmet) firemen wear, but the pansy version that’s only rated for wildfires and general protection. I sweat out half my body weight, and it was pretty nice out today.